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The Dalai Lama on Education

Photo by Leah Nash
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We have to think and see how we can fundamentally change our education system so that we can train people to develop warm-heartedness early on in order to create a healthier society. I don't mean we need to change the whole system, just improve it. We need to encourage an understanding that inner peace comes from relying on human values like, love, compassion, tolerance and honesty, and that peace in the world relies on individuals finding inner peace.

–His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Tales on the Power of Compassion

Tales of a Good Heart Book Tales of a Good Heart Book

Get Tales of a Good Heart Book today and enjoy a 30% discount PLUS receive Tales of a Good Heart DVD for FREE! The Jataka tales, the ancient fables recounting some of the Buddha's former lives as an animal, show children the importance of thinking and acting out of altruism. Glossy pages featuring eight tales with 50 color illustrations.
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The Banyan Deer The Banyan Deer

This inspiring tale reminds us that no one can be truly at peace unless all beings have a chance for peace, freedom, and happiness. The Banyan Deer is a wonderful, heart-warming gift for anyone who loves a great story. This beautiful hardcover edition will delight both adults and children alike.
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A friend to all, A story about kindness A friend to all, A story about kindness

A compassionate woodpecker risks his life to aid a lion in distress. Later, desperate for food, the bird asks the lion for a small part of his dinner. When the proud lion rebuffs him, the woodpecker refrains from revenge, showing that true kindness is its own reward and expects nothing more.
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Moody Cow Learns Compassion Moody Cow Learns Compassion

This delightful sequel to Moody Cow Meditates reintroduces us to Peter (a.k.a. Moody Cow) while we meet for the first time his mischievous "boys-will-be-boys" friend Bully. Once again, Grandfather, the beloved old steer from Moody Cow Meditates, brings serenity and long-horned wisdom as he gently teaches to compassionately identify with other beings.
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Mishan's Garden Mishan's Garden

In a village high above the clouds, where nobody’s happy and nothing grows, a little girl dreams of a garden flourishing behind her father’s house. Every day the cynical villagers watch and mock the little girl. But, watered with her kindness and patience, the garden eventually yields the most important fruit: the restored hope and happiness of the entire village. Perhaps the greatest gift you can ever give another is to hold them in the highest regard and to see what is best and unique about them.
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Children's Materials

More Tales on Compassion

Click here for more tales on compassion.

Books on Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditations for Children Meditations for Children

Get Meditations for Children today and enjoy a 30% discount PLUS receive Meditations for Children CD for FREE! Created in support of Lama Yeshe's idea of Universal Education, this booklet gives parents and educators useful, accurate, and practical guidelines for meditating with children, from ages 5-15. The meditations are presented in simple, universal language that children of all ages and backgrounds can easily understand.
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When the Anger Ogre Visits When the Anger Ogre Visits

When the Anger Ogre Visits gives children symbolic and concrete guidance about how to deal with anger as a natural part of their inner lives. Rather than squelching anger or pushing it away, the book invites children to sit with and observe anger, removing its overwhelming aspects. This playfully illustrated story, written in memorable rhyme, centers on discovering and using internal resources and portrays anger as manageable.
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Just Me and My Mind Just Me and My Mind

From the author of Moody Cow Meditates comes a cleverly designed and interactive book that teaches children to recognize and handle their thoughts and emotions. Young children have strong emotions, but often are unsure of how to articulate and handle them. Just Me and My Mind aims to help kids recognize their emotions and thoughts—and then act accordingly.
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$18.95   On Sale $14.99*

Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda

This wonderful picture book for children and adults alike introduces the powerful practice of mindfulness in a fun and exciting way. With the delightful characters Monkey and his serene friend Happy Panda guiding readers to a calmer and more attentive mind, this whimsical yet universal and warm presentation will delight all readers.
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$16.95   On Sale $12.99*

Sitting Still Like a Frog Sitting Still Like a Frog

This introduction to mindfulness meditation for children and their parents includes practices that can help children calm down, become more focused, fall asleep more easily, alleviate worry, manage anger, and generally become more patient and aware. The accompanying audio CD has guided meditations voiced by Myla Kabat-Zinn, co-author of Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting.
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Children's Materials

More Books on Meditation

Click here for more books on meditation and mindfulness.

Animal Stories and Practices

Golden Foot Golden Foot

A graceful doe offers her life to save her mate, entangled in a hunter's snare. Marveling at such devotion, the hunter resolves to never again harm a living being and sets the stag and doe free.
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$8.95   On Sale $6.99*

Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories

Around the beginning of the common era, Indian Buddhists began to collect fables, or jataka tales, illuminating various human virtues and foibles—from kindness, cooperation, loyalty and self-discipline on the one hand to greed, pride, foolishness, and treachery on the other. Instead of populating these stories with people, they cast the animals of their immediate environment in the leading roles—which may have given the tales a universal appeal.
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Animal Liberation Tools - Cardstock Animal Liberation Tools - Cardstock

Use these animal liberation tools to catch small insects and remove them compassionately from your house. Designed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, these bug catchers are not your ordinary bug catching jar! Covered with mantras that benefit bugs and quotes which benefit humans, these unique tools will not be found in any other store. Tools are provided on flat card stock and require simple assembly – a perfect activity for children.
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Resources for Teachers and Parents

The 16 Guidelines for Life The 16 Guidelines for Life

The 16 Guidelines are a set of practical and straightforward tools for developing happiness and meaning in everyday life. Inspired by a 7th-century text from the Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo, they are being used by people of all ages and cultures worldwide to transform problems and create the causes of peace and well-being. It's an attractive, illustrated workbook with quotes, stories, challenges and guided reflections for each guideline, together with an overview of each of the four wisdom themes.
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It's a Jungle Out There It's a Jungle Out There

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can't enjoy nature. This compact guide offers 52 nature-focused explorations, adventures, observations, and games that can help you and your child connect to nature while living in the city.
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Plays for Children Plays for Children

Before Siddharta became the Buddha, he spent many lives practicing as a bodhisattva. This book of charming and easily produced plays for children contains tales of wisdom and kindness from his past lives as animals as well as his life as Prince Siddharta. Also included is the life story of the great Tibetan meditator Milarepa and that of the search for the reincarnation of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. This booklet contains eight plays.
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The Belle and Boo Book of Crafts The Belle and Boo Book of Crafts

Belle is a little girl with a brown bob, the odd scratch on her knee, and an insatiable curiosity about the natural world, while her pet rabbit, Boo, a flopsy brown bunny, is her faithful friend and confidant. Along with their many friends, Belle and Boo inhabit a sweetly nostalgic world where they spend their days playing in a pirate tree house, cloud-spotting from hot-air balloons, or riding a fairground carousel. The Belle and Boo Book of Crafts offers twenty-five one-of-a-kind projects we can create to bring more magic and make-believe into our lives.
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Children's Materials

More Resources

Click here for more resources for teachers and parents.

Stories about Human Values

Great Gift And The Wish-Fulfilling Gem Great Gift And The Wish-Fulfilling Gem

A child of India, seeing the misery of the poor, embarks on a magical journey across desert and ocean, to a jewel-island, to a cannibal-land, and finally to the realm of the dragon-like nagas, in search of a wondrous gem that can satisfy the needs of all beings.
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Prince Siddhartha Coloring Book Prince Siddhartha Coloring Book

A wonderful companion to our Prince Siddhartha story book, this children's coloring book Includes 31 full-size and 31 miniature line drawings with narrative descriptions.
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Precious Life & Magic Of Patience - Coloring Book Precious Life &
Magic Of Patience - Coloring Book

This coloring book includes two Jataka tales about friendship with complete stories and drawings. In the tale A Precious Life, a hunter pursuing a deer falls from his horse and is trapped in a deep ravine. Seeing the hunter's plight, the deer risks his own life to carry him to safety. In the second tale, The Magic of Patience, a gentle buffalo, tormented by a mischievous, teasing monkey, refrains from driving the monkey away. Knowing that all other animals shun the monkey, the buffalo remains his friend.
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Zen and Bodhi's Snowy Day Zen and Bodhi's Snowy Day

Zen and Bodhi are two koala bears on a snowy day, out to learn about the world. Where does snow come from? Where does wind go? Lively verses are full of mischievous fun as Zen and Bodhi explore their world; rhythm and rhyme introduce the concept of impermanence to the very young in this magical, cozy bedtime story. Gorgeous illustrations capture the wide-eyed awe of children in snowfall in vibrant color.
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$15.95   On Sale $13.99*

Jaya’s Golden Necklace Jaya’s Golden Necklace

While on a very important mission from the King, young Jaya encounters the deities Shiva, Inanna, and Hercules. Leaping from gold coins on her mother’s golden necklace, they help Jaya achieve her goal and discover strengths she didn’t know she had. Jaya’s Golden Necklace is the first children’s book to tell of the origin and cultural roots of the beloved Buddha image. A story of East and West, it teaches lessons and entertains while also opening a door into Asian culture.
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$16.95   On Sale $12.99*

NEW ISSUE of Mandala!

Mandala Magazine Mandala Magazine

Explore Lama Yeshe’s vision of Universal Education and read remarkable teaching from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Yeshe, and Lama Zopa Rinpoche.
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