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What is the FPMT Online Learning Center?

With over 50 modules available in English, Spanish and French, and thousands of active users, the FPMT Online Learning Center provides an enormous opportunity to learn. Students who want to engage in the comprehensive programs developed by FPMT Education Services can easily join other students from all parts of the world in their studies and practice without leaving home.

The programs range from Buddhist basics to advanced Vajrayana commentaries, with offerings including study programs such as Meditation 101, Discovering Buddhism, Living in the Path, the Basic Program; and additional teachings such as Shiné Retreat with Ven. Choden Rinpoche and Ven. Rene Fusi, and special commentaries such as Commentary on Lama Chopa and Commentary on Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga.  Programs are complete with video and audio teachings, reading materials, moderated discussion forums, coursework and study guides, and community service assignments.

The Online Learning Center brings ease, structure and depth to your studies. All these resources can be found through the convenience of a module’s single webpage, and with links provided to other resources, you can study without the need to search the web for related materials. Everything can be stored digitally or streamed directly from the web, and modules can be completed on your own time and pace.

How to get started

Option A
Join Friends of FPMT, and immediately have access to a number of course modules.

Friends of FPMT who make monthly or annual contributions have access to additional modules, receive downloadable ebooks and PDF’s from FPMT Education Service, get a year’s subscription to Mandala Publications, and other FPMT resources!

Option B
You can purchase single modules of the programs at the Foundation Store. Be sure to choose the “online” version of your selected module.

Scholarships are also available to students with financial need upon request.

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