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“The initial reason why people come to a Dharma center is not for the food but for the teachings and meditations; they are a little bored with the lives they have and are looking for something new. However, the conditions at the center, and especially the food, are a very important support for the teachings and meditations. Sometimes in the past when I would teach on impermanence, the hells and the eight worldly dharmas, people would get scared and leave; but if the food was good, they would stay. That’s one way to keep them!

So I will explain a short meditation for cooks.” …

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My very very dear friends,

From my heart I would like to express billions, zillions, trillions of thanks, I highly appreciate you doing practices for me. This is also puja for yourself. Even if you don’t think that it naturally happens like that as it is very powerful karma!

I highly appreciate all of you being good human beings practicing the Dharma – not only wanting to achieve temporary happiness in the future but also wanting to be free from the oceans of samsaric suffering and to free all sentient beings from the oceans of suffering and for them to achieve the highest peerless  happiness,  enlightenment, omniscient mind. This is so important, the utmost need. Generally to live life for others, to bring happiness to others.

Again my deep appreciation to all of you.

With much love and prayer,

Lama Zopa

List of practices specifically recommended for students to do

LZR Manali 0713st