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October 2008

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Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Ven. Thubten Sangpo releasing balloons with mantras and prayers written on them to bless the environment and all sentient beings. Amitabha Pure Land, Washington, USA, August 2008.
Photo by Ven. Thubten Kunsang
Rinpoche's Schedule
To find more information as it becomes available, and for details of how to contact the center and book for these events, please go to Rinpoche’s Schedule. We have recently updated this webpage to be even easier for you to use!              

Nov 27 - Dec 10  Teaching during the one month course, Kopan Monastery, Nepal

January – Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Singapore
          17 – 18  Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga commentary
          20 – 21  1000-Arm Chenrezig Great initiation
          23  Most Secret Hayagriva puja
          27  Long life puja for Rinpoche
          30 – 1 Feb  Guhyasamaja initiation

February – Potowa Center, Jakarta, Indonesia
          7 – 9  Heruka initiation
          13 – 15; 20 – 22; 27 – Mar 1  Lama Chopa commentary

April  18 – 19  Medicine Buddha initiation, Kalachakra Centre, Paris, France

April 26 – May 2  CPMT Meeting, Institut Vajra Yogini, France

May  5 – June 6  1000-Arm Chenrezig Great initiation and 100 million Mani Retreat with Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Institut Vajra Yogini, France

October  1 – 15  Teachings on Lamp of the Path, Kadampa Center, Raleigh, USA

Wearing the cowboy hat He had been offered the day before, Rinpoche led an impromptu meditation on emptiness at Amitabha Pure Land, Washington, USA, August 2008.
Photo by Ven. Roger Kunsang
NEW Advice from
Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Attitude to Have
After Being Robbed

Rinpoche sent this advice to a center which had just been burgled. 


“So many times we make prayers to receive the suffering of others and to be free of all obstacles, now we can think how fortunate we are that our prayers have been answered. Obstacles have ripened in the form of them breaking in, stealing money, etc., so now we have had small success with our prayers.

So now please rejoice as we have succeeded in our prayers.”

Gong to Call All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
Rinpoche drew the gong, and described it:

“This is a universal gong.  By ringing this gong may all the buddhas and bodhisattvas pay attention and give us their blessings, favors and realizations.  May they liberate all suffering, peaceful mothers.”

Skillful Hair Cutting
Rinpoche recently translated a text giving the results of cutting one’s hair on various days, which applies to ordained and lay people alike.

More advice from Rinpoche

Enjoy brief glimpses of Rinpoche on our streaming videos page

New FPMT Center, Project and Study Groups
Bringing the total number of FPMT centers, study groups, projects and services worldwide to 151!

Manjushri Wisdom Center, USA
5755 E. 3rd Street
Tucson, Arizona, 85711
Tel: +1 520 971 1681
Director Ven. Losang Kalden
New Spiritual Program Coordinator – David Greene

Kasih Hospice Care, Malaysia
7, Jalan 14/29
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E.
Tel: +60 3 7960 7424
Fax: +60 3 7956 6442
Director Dr. Pik Pin Goh

Khedrup Sangye Yeshe Study Group, Mexico
Calle Pedro Patiño y Gallardo #242
Fracc. La Quinta de Torremolinos
CP. 58190
Morelia, Michoacán
Tel: (443) 308 5707
Coordinator Gela de los Angeles

Thubten Kunkyab Study Group, Mexico
Calzada del Hueso 83, Edificio B, depto. 101
Col. Exejido de Santa Ursula Coapa
Coyoacan, DF CP 04850
Tel: (55) 5604 4495
Coordinator Cristhian Cambresy

International Office News
Education Department - Changing Our Name
In line with our primary mission of service, the Education Department is officially changing its title to FPMT Education Services while our publications will now say FPMT Education Publications.
Education Programs
Basic Program (BP) is doing well in France and in French! In October, Nalanda Monastery’s 5-year residential BP will start its second subject, Tenets. Having
Children’s event at Kadampa Center, USA, July 2008.
Photo by Ven. Thubten Kunsang
done well in their exams on the first section of Bodhisattva Deeds, Tenets will provide students with some background for the challenging 9th chapter. Nalanda’s BP is offered in English, French and Spanish, and it is a wonderful opportunity to study this program full-time in a monastic environment! New students are welcome for each subject!

Our new Coordinator for French BP Materials will be Ven. Ngeunga, who is already part of the French Translation Office. In this new role Ven. Ngeunga will focus on gathering French BP materials and preparing them for distribution on the BP web update page.

To enable French BP students to collect their three month lam-rim retreat commitment, after Institut Vajra Yogini offered a month lam-rim retreat last winter, the tradition is continued by Kalachakra Centre who will offer a month lam-rim retreat in their new retreat center in January 2009!

Spain is also going strong, with the first round of BP near completion at Nagarjuna Barcelona (and a second round already in full swing!), Valencia in the second year of a productive BP, and Madrid having completed the first exam in June this year. Now we need a coordinator for Spanish BP materials. 

The BP at Chenrezig Institute in Australia has started preparations for the second impressive Lam-rim Chenmo teaching that will begin in 2009!
As we mentioned last month, Rinpoche has appointed members to the new FPMT Translation and Editorial Committee. Ven. Fedor Stracke, Ven. Joan Nicell, Ven. Namdak, Conni Kraus, and Jon Landaw will be heading up the efforts to establish an FPMT glossary of terms and style guide that will be used for all FPMT program translations. As a great boost to getting this work underway, Ven. Joan will be attending a distinguished translation conference sponsored by Khyentse Foundation in India next March.
Join Us by Becoming a Foundation Member
Painting mantras on the bird feeder to bless the birds at Amitabha Pure Land, Washington, USA, August 2008.
Photo by Ven. Thubten Kunsang
For Center Directors,
SPCs and Teachers
CPMT 2009
April 26 - May 2 2009,
Institute Vajra Yogini, France

FPMT's Vast Mandala:
Who We Are and What We Do

All those offering service in the FPMT mandala as center/project director, resident and touring teachers, spiritual program coordinator, board member, study group and regional and national coordinators are invited and strongly encouraged to attend - more information available in the FPMT Members Area!
Education Materials
Rinpoche has given new advice for the prayers to be recited before teaching occasions and has advised us to make this into a small booklet for center gompas that can be taken away by students if they would like. Please download the updated Prayers for Teaching Occasions.
FPMT Brochure
Reminding all centers, study groups, projects and services that the new FPMT brochure is available. This brochure will help place your activities in the amazingly positive and inspiring context of the worldwide FPMT mandala. It will be helpful as a way to connect people to Lama Zopa Rinpoche and the FPMT. We encourage you to make it available to visitors, students, center/project board members – anyone who you want to help understand that your activity is a part of a fantastic organization.
FPMT Training
Inner Job Description training: A very successful two day training was held at Vajrayana Center, Australia led by Ven. Chokyi and Allys Andrews. In November, Amy Cayton will lead an IJD training at the North American regional meeting in Portland and Allys Andrews will lead at the Australian national meeting. These are great opportunities for centers to send candidates to cultivate as future trainers. See a full list of trainings.

Harald Weichhart will be offering software training in France and Germany in October with an emphasis on helping our translation offices in these countries become fully versed in the design and layout programs used by Education Services. France and Germany will soon be printing Essential Buddhist Prayers, an FPMT Prayer Book Volumes 1 & 2 in the same format as the English. With luck, the Spanish and Italian will also be done in time for Rinpoche’s European retreat in May 2009. Harald is also helping us to get French, Spanish, German and Italian subtitles on the Discovering Buddhism DVDs.

FPMT Snippets

Lama Zopa Rinpoche carving mantras on stone and the completed carving. Amitabha Pure Land, Washington, USA, August 2008.
Photos by Ven. Thubten Kunsang and Ven. Holly Ansett
Happy Anniversary!
This year Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, UK is celebrating its 30th anniversary, Maitreya Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands is celebrating its 10th anniversary and Panchen Losang Chogyen Centre celebrated its 5th anniversary!  Congratulations!

As Lama Zopa Rinpoche says,
“The Dharma center is an emergency rescue operation, like when police go in with all that noise - sirens blaring, red and blue lights flashing, helicopters whirling - to rescue people in distress! Like that, the meditation center plays a very important role in the emergency rescue of people, human beings, using the seat belt and life jacket of the lam-rim.  Meditation on refuge and karma immediately saves you from falling into the lower realms again.”

We rejoice with you at the emergency rescue operation offered by all of our centers!

Sanghata Sutra Marathon
For the second time, the monks of Nalanda Monastery will recite the Sanghata Sutra continuously for 10 days from October 7 – 17.  The whole Sutra recitation will be broadcast live via webcam 24 hours a day for all who view the event to receive the blessings of this Sutra. Once they’ve started, the recitation can be seen live anywhere in the world at Sanghata Sutra Marathon.

Rejoice in the Success of the 2008 Sera Je Food Fund Campaign
FPMT would like to thank everyone for their heart felt and compassionate support of the 2008 Sera Je Food Fund campaign. From April 29 through June 30, over $165,000USD was raised. This included generous donations by individuals as well as centers.

“Taking responsibility for supporting these practitioners is extremely worthwhile because they are preserving and spreading the entire teaching of the Buddha.”
                                                                             –Lama Zopa Rinpoche

On May 14, FPMT sent $118,000USD to Sera Je Monastic University to cover the expenses of offering food to the 2,700 monks in residence for 6 months. Please rejoice in this virtuous merit. Thank you again!

Connecting Our Dharma Practice with Our Life in the World
Shen Phen Thubten Choeling Study Group meets at Elaine Brook’s house in the Golden Valley in England. It recently had an energy audit, done by the “Superhomes Network”, an organization that arranges visits to eco-homes for people who want to learn more and change their own homes in order to prevent climate change.

The audit showed that the house used less than 40% of the energy than is average for this size of house. This was achieved by the use of extra insulation, energy efficient light bulbs, solar hot water and solar electricity, and using hedge and fruit tree prunings as fuel. What also makes a big reduction is avoiding waste, because lights and appliances are switched off when not in use, and woolly sweaters take the place of turning the heating on full in the winter - this last one makes the biggest difference and is also much healthier as it reduces dust and dust mites.

So the house is now an official “Superhome” and will be open for visits from those interested in learning what works and what doesn’t in the search for the ultimate “carbon neutral house”.

To explore these and other ideas, join

Lots of love, Elaine - Shen Phen Thubten Choeling, Study Group for Socially and Ecologically Engaged Buddhism

Opportunities to Offer Service in FPMT
Keep checking for interesting opportunities to offer service in FPMT centers around the world.

Opportunities include House Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Mahamudra Centre, New Zealand and Vajrapani Institute in California, USA is looking for a caretaker.

Impermanence at Work – Center Details Changes

NB: center details are always most up to date in the directory on the FPMT website,

Kunsang Yeshe Centre, Australia
Tel/Fax: (61) (2) 4782 1265

Liberation Prison Project, USA   

Losang Dragpa Center, Malaysia
New director – Yeo Puay Huei
With grateful thanks to outgoing director – Dr. Lee
New co-spiritual program coordinators – Quah Kean Yang and Kieren Lim
With grateful thanks to outgoing SPC – Juanita Lee

Nagarjuna C.E T. Alicante, Spain
C/ Alemania 26 4º F
23003 Alicante
Tel: (34) (966) 38 71 24  

Shakyamuni Center, Taiwan


With love,
FPMT International Office