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How to Meditate

Rinpoche teaching in Hong Kong, 2016, photo by Ven. Roger Kunsang

Meditation is not on the level of the object, but on that of the subject. You are the business of your meditation!

–Lama Thubten Yeshe

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Back in Stock: Om Mani Padme Hum Hat!

Precious Mantra Hat Precious Mantra Hat

This charming hat, designed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, is covered with beautifully embroidered mantras. 100% cotton.

"Just by wearing this hat when you go out in public, not only when you play golf but anywhere, in the street, on the beach, in the market, where many people are shopping—anywhere that animals or people can see you—you are liberating others. If any flies or other insects go under or around your hat (with mantras on), or maybe a person walks around you on the way to another shop, all the time you are liberating so many sentient beings who are suffering." — Lama Zopa Rinpoche
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A Daily Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha PDF	A Daily Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha PDF

Written by Lama Zopa Rinpoche for use by beginning students, this is a clearly outlined practice complete with guided meditations for developing one's motivation, the mind of refuge, and the thought of bodhichitta. In addition the practice contains mantra recitation and visualization based on Shakyamuni Buddha and a Lam-rim prayer in the form of a request for blessings to develop all the realizations on the path to full awakening.
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Lam-Rim Outlines: Extended Beginner's Meditation Guide PDF Lam-Rim Outlines: Extended Beginner's Meditation Guide PDF

About one thousand years ago, the great Indian pandit and yogi, Dipamkara Shrijñana (Atisha), was invited to Tibet to re-establish the Buddhadharma, which had been suppressed and corrupted for almost two centuries. One of Atisha's main accomplishments in Tibet was his writing of the seminal text, A Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment, in which he extracted the essence of all 84,000 teachings of the Buddha and organized them into a clear, step-like arrangement that makes it easy for any individual practitioner to understand and practice the Dharma. This genre of teachings is known as lam-rim, or steps of the path, and forms an essential part of every school of Tibetan Buddhism.
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Retreat Advice from Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo PDF Retreat Advice from Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo PDF

Three separate lam-rim texts with heart instructions for how to make the most out of retreat. Includes detailed explanation of how to meditate on the stages of the path to gain realizations. The specific texts contained in this booklet are: Like a Female Cannibal Cheating (with commentary from Lama Zopa Rinpoche), Song of the Spring Queen on Experiences of the Path, and How to Meditate on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment. Lama Zopa Rinpoche has stated this is an essential retreat companion as well as important instructions for practicing in daily life.
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Glance Meditation on All the Important Points of the Lam-Rim PDF Glance Meditation on All the Important Points of the Lam-Rim PDF

Written by Sera Je lama Purchog Jampa Rinpoche, said to be an incarnation of Maitreya Buddha. Translated by Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche.
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We're happy to offer the majority of our practices and prayers in PDF format on a generosity-based system.

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Online Programs

Meditation 101 - Online Meditation 101 - Online

Meditation 101 is an introductory course to Buddhist meditation meant for complete beginners. It provides an overview of meditation and basic meditation techniques, including breathing meditation, mindfulness meditation, visualization meditation, and analytical meditation, in the context of the Tibetan Mahayana tradition of Lama Tsongkhapa (Gelug). It includes an explanation of what kinds of skills we develop in meditation and how these are useful in our daily lives.
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Discovering Buddhism Module Two - How to Meditate - Online Discovering Buddhism Module Two - How to Meditate - Online

Learn the definition and purpose of meditation, how to sit, how to set up a meditation session, different meditation techniques, and how to deal with obstacles to meditation.
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Audio and Video

Meditations on Guru Devotion - MP3 Download Meditations on Guru Devotion - MP3 Download

In this MP3 download Ven. Sarah Thresher guides us through the lam-rim outline on guru devotion as taught by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Ribur Rinpoche and Pabongkha Rinpoche. The root of all happiness and all realizations on the path is correct reliance on the guru who reveals the path to liberation and enlightenment. To achieve realizations, we need the blessing of the guru; to receive the blessings of the guru, we need to see the guru as inseparable from all the buddhas.
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A Short  Vajrasattva Meditation  CD A Short Vajrasattva Meditation CD

Vajrasattva practice is one of the best ways to purify negative karma, and thus not only avoid future suffering, but clear away obstacles preventing progress on the spiritual path. This CD follows the skillful method to purify negative karma contained in A Short Vajrasattva Meditation, written by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. It walks practitioners through the four opponent powers necessary for purification together with Vajrasattva mantra recitation. This CD is an excellent practice companion for anyone wishing to attain enlightenment quickly by purifying unskillful action.
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How to Meditate on Emptiness - MP3 Download How to Meditate on Emptiness - MP3 Download

In September 2005, Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave extraordinary teachings on emptiness and how to meditate on emptiness. This MP3 includes preliminary teachings on happiness, what is mind and how to most effectively use the mind, and then proceeds to detailed commentary on emptiness. This extraordinary series of teachings concludes with teachings on refuge, and an explanation and oral transmission of several sutras, including four chapters of Sutra of Golden Light. Rinpoche teaches with his usual mixture of profound insight, compassion, clarity, and humor.
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A Daily Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha - MP3 Download A Daily Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha - MP3 Download

This recording of A Daily Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha is guided by Kendall Magnussen with additional chants by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. It is the perfect practice companion for all those interested in establishing a daily practice and contains all the necessary components for success in meditation. It contains 24 tracks of each step of a guided daily practice. Following closely the practice booklet of the same title, this program takes your mind on a journey that will lead you closer to enlightenment.
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How to Meditate DVD How to Meditate DVD

In this 4 DVD set Venerable Sangye Khadro teaches basic meditation practice. The teachings include practical instructions on meditation techniques and guided meditations. This teaching is great for those beginners who wish to begin a meditation practice and is also a useful refresher for those more experienced meditators.
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Guided Meditations on the Stages of the Path Guided Meditations on the Stages of the Path

The lam-rim presentation of Buddhist teachings has become a core topic of study at many Buddhist centers in the West. For busy practitioners, the lam-rim gives a concise and easily graspable picture of the Buddhist path. American Buddhist nun Thubten Chodron guides you through the lam-rim meditations. Fourteen hours of step-by-step meditations help the practitioner understand how mind, thoughts, and emotions create our experience.
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How to Meditate How to Meditate

What is meditation? Why practice it? How do I do it? The answers to these often-asked questions are contained in this down-to-earth book written by a Western Buddhist nun with solid experience in both the practice and teaching of meditation.
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Meditation on the Nature of Mind Meditation on the Nature of Mind

At the heart of this book is The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel of the Oral Tradition, an accessible and nonsectarian treatise on penetrating the nature of mind. His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama’s broad-ranging overview of this work insightfully distills some of the most central themes of Buddhism: why the mind is so essential to the tradition, what distinguishes the levels of consciousness, and how different schools of Tibetan Buddhism elaborate those distinctions. Profound and erudite, it brings the reader closer to a fresh and direct experience of Buddhism’s central truths.
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Spiritual Friends: Meditations Spiritual Friends: Meditations

This unique book - the first from the International Mahayana Institute - contains meditations written by eighteen nuns and monks of the IMI Sangha as well as an autobiographical essay from each in which these nuns and monks share how they came to the ordained life.
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How to Practice Shamatha Meditation How to Practice Shamatha Meditation

In 1988, Gen Lamrimpa, a Tibetan monk and contemplative, led a one-year retreat in the Pacific Northwest, during which a group of Western meditators devoted themselves to the practice of meditative quiescence (shamatha). This book is a record of the oral teachings he gave to this group at the outset of the retreat. An invaluable, practical guide for those seeking to develop greater attentional stability and clarity, this work will be of considerable interest to meditators, psychologists, and all others who are concerned with the potentials of the human mind.
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A Beginner's Guide to Meditation A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

As countless meditators have learned firsthand, meditation practice can positively transform the way we see and experience our lives. This practical, accessible guide to the fundamentals of Buddhist meditation introduces you to the practice, explains how it is approached in the main schools of Buddhism, and offers advice and inspiration from Buddhism’s most renowned and effective meditation teachers. Topics include how to build excitement and energy to start a meditation routine and keep it going, setting up a meditation space, working with and through boredom, what to look for when seeking others to meditate with, how to know when it’s time to try doing a formal meditation retreat, how to bring the practice “off the cushion” with walking meditation and other practices, and much more.
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Stages of Meditation Stages of Meditation

The Dalai Lama explains the principles of meditation in a practice-oriented format especially suited to Westerners. Based upon the middle section of the Bhavanakrama by Kamalasila, a translation of which is included, this is the most extensive commentary given by the Dalai Lama on this concise but important meditation handbook. It is a favorite text of the Dalai Lama and he often takes the opportunity to give teachings on it to audiences throughout the world.
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More Books on Meditation

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Meditation Supplies

Statues Statues

Statues of buddhas and other holy figures provide a focus for making offerings and other spiritual activities and inspire us to develop our inner qualities.
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Thangkas Thangkas

Images of buddhas provide a focus for making offerings and other spiritual activities and inspire us to develop our inner qualities.
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Dorje & Bell High Quality - Small Dorje & Bell High Quality - Small

This beautiful dorje and bell set have an extraordinary sound quality and impressive ring duration. The dorje (vajra) represents method, through which we develop indestructible compassion. The bell represents the wisdom emptiness through which we see the true nature of all reality. Always used together, they represent the unity of wisdom and compassion found in the enlightened mind. This high quality dorje and bell is hand made by a family of skilled craftsmen in Dehradun, India. The bell, crafted from an alloy of 3 metals (bronze, brass, iron), rings with extraordinary sound quality and duration.
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