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Remembering Impermanence and Death for Harmonious Relationships

“Even concerning having harmonious relationships, it’s also beneficial to remember impermanence and death,” Lama Zopa Rinpoche said in Creating the Causes of Happiness, the second volume in Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive’s four-part ebook series taken from the lightly edited transcripts of ... Read full article

What a Bodhisattva Is

“Just because a person recites the Mahayana prayers, just because he recites mantras or does a sadhana, visualizing deities, enlightened beings, those secret aspect buddhas, just because he does sadhanas that contain the tantric path, that alone doesn’t mean the ... Read full article

New York City Center Rejoicing in Animal Liberation

“On January 23, Shantideva Meditation Center celebrated the first event in our new animal liberation program,” reported director Jennifer Kim from New York City. “We rescued approximately 2,000 red worms from the danger of terrible suffering and death as fishing bait. ... Read full article