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Happiness Starts When We Renounce This Life

“The terms ‘renouncing this life’ or ‘renouncing suffering’ both mean renouncing the mind that is the cause of the problems, the thought of the eight worldly dharmas. Therefore ‘Dharma’ includes even pragmatic, transient techniques to stop attachment from arising. This ... Read full article

Rinpoche in Oz

Lama Zopa Rinpoche recently showed off his Ozzie side. Taking time to pose for photos, Rinpoche wore his iconic, new Akubra hat, offered to him during the long life puja at the conclusion of the Australia retreat, and stood next to a newly offered and painted kangaroo statue. Rinpoche ... Read full article

Don’t Be Afraid of Death

Share your love, your wisdom, and your wealth, and serve other beings as much as possible. Live in harmony with one another and be an example of peace, love, compassion, and wisdom. Try to be happy in your practice, to be satisfied with your life. ... Read full article