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O.Sel.Ling Centro de Retiros Installs Prayer Wheel House Ceiling Panels [Video]

In September 2015, student and artist Cai Martínez at O.Sel.Ling Centro de Retiros in Spain’s Alpujarras, began work painting the ceiling panels for the prayer wheel house at the center. In July 2016, the center captured the creation and installation ...

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Advice about Caring for Dogs

Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave this advice while in New York City in July 2016. I have heard that you have to take indoor dogs out three times a day, so I thought that this gives you an unbelievable, incredible opportunity ...

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The Importance of Holy Objects

“Every time you look at holy objects—pictures of the Buddha, statues, scriptures, stupas—they plant the seed of liberation and enlightenment in your mental continuum. So every time you look at them they purify your mind. They plant the seed of ...

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