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Making Homage to the Relics [Video]

In the Sutra of Golden Light, Chapter 18, it says: “Then the Tathagata struck the surface of the earth with his hand, whose palm was soft as the newly bloomed lotus and marked with a thousand-spoked wheel. As soon as he ... Read full article

Lawudo Family Reunion

Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s current visit to Lawudo Gompa and Retreat Centre in Solu Khumbu, Nepal, is special for many reasons. Lawudo cave was the meditation cave of Rinpoche’s previous incarnation Kunsang Yeshe, more commonly known as the Lawudo Lama. Rinpoche was ... Read full article

A New Era of Mandala Magazine

Long gone are the days when we only received news of Lama Zopa Rinpoche and the FPMT organization through the mail. Between blog posts, Mandala’s expanded online features and social media like Facebook, engaged FPMT students around the world have countless photos ... Read full article