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‘The Best Business’

Lama Zopa Rinpoche arrived at Root Institute in Bodhgaya, India on February 2. Ven. Sarah Thresher recently shared some of Rinpoche’s advice for practice during the first 15 days of Tibetan New Year: We are now in the 15 days of ... Read full article

Protecting Your Mind by Protecting Karma [Video]

In late November and early December 2014, Lama Zopa Rinpoche taught as part of the annual month-long Kopan course at Kopan Monastery in Nepal. Rinpoche’s teachings covered a variety of subjects. What follows is an excerpt from a lightly edited transcript and video ... Read full article

News from Jamyang Mindrol-ling Study Group

Staff from Jamyang Mindrol-ling, a study group in Coventry, United Kingdom reports: With the current interest in mindfulness meditation growing, Jamyang Mindrol-ling has launched a new meditation group which meets twice a month in Coventry. The aim is to root ... Read full article