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Butter lamps in the darkness, Dharamsala, India. Photo by Himalaya/Dreamstime.

Butter lamps in the darkness, Dharamsala, India. Photo by Himalaya/Dreamstime.

We never know how our words and actions will ripple out into the world. But if we hold a strong motivation to be of benefit, we might help or inspire someone. Mandala recently received a letter from Colin, a prisoner in California, who was profoundly touched by “I Will Be Paralyzed and Happy,” a piece written by Bob Brintz, a man paralyzed by ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Bob’s ability to keep a happy mind demonstrates the amazing potential we all have to change our way of thinking. 

Colin writes: 

My name is Colin and I am a Buddhist inmate, currently serving time at the Chuckawalla Valley State Prison in Blythe, California. Recently, I found your latest issue of Mandala magazine [July-September 2013] sitting on a bookshelf in our facility chapel. Inside, I found the article by Bob Brintz titled “I Will Be Paralyzed and Happy.” I found so much power, depth and hope in this man’s words. I felt that I needed to write you right away and share my thoughts.

Bob’s situation sounds so painful and scary. And yet, he sounds so full of love and peace. This man is truly a Noble Warrior and he inspires me to change my old ways and strive harder to be a more virtuous and compassionate person. His words have softened my heart and opened my mind to a greater degree.

Praise be to Bob for generously giving all of us gifts of insight, hope and inspiration.

Thanks, Bob.



Colin found this story due to a collaboration between Mandala and the Liberation Prison Project that sends nearly 500 copies of the magazine to prisoners around the world. 

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