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Lama Zopa Rinpoche in front of Ksitigarbha statue at Land of Medicine Buddha, September 2012. Photo courtesy of LMB's Facebook page.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche joined the fourth Ksitigarbha Day celebration at Land of Medicine Buddha (LMB) in California on Saturday, September 15. Rinpoche gave explanations on Ksitigarbha and a lung of the mantra in the garden area around LMB’s Ksitigarbha statue, upon which Rinpoche bestowed the name Ksitigarbha Pure Land.

Rinpoche stayed at LMB for lunch, talked to many students and watched the day’s entertainment. LMB has posted many photos of the day on their Facebook page.

“Rinpoche shone with delight at all of the offerings, food, light, gold to the statue, water bowl and prayer … so, so beautiful,” shared Denice Macy, LMB’s director. Rinpoche has been on the West Coast of the United States since June 2012, visiting California, Oregon and Washington states.

On Sunday, September 30, Rinpoche offers a Vajrasattva initiation at Vajrapani Institute in California. This is Rinpoche’s last scheduled public event in the United States during this visit. Rinpoche returns to India and Nepal in October. He is scheduled to give a Most Secret Hayagriva oral transmission at Drati Khangtsen at Sera Je Monastery, India, on October 27 and a Vajrasattva initiation at Kopan Monastery, Nepal, in December.

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Ksitigarbha Day, Land of Medicine Buddha, September 2012. Photo courtesy of LMB's Facebook page.

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