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Most Secret Hayagriva torma.

Most Secret Hayagriva torma offering.

Every month on the Tibetan 29th day, an important day to offer protector pujas, The Puja Fund sponsors about 40 of the most senior monks of Sera Je Monastery, who specialize in the practice of Most Secret Hayagriva, to offer the Extensive Most Secret Hayagriva puja (Hayagriva Tsog Kong). This is an all day puja with an elaborate torma offering (pictured above) and extensive prayers and meditation.

The Puja Fund just offered funds to cover the last 12 months of these pujas. The total amount for this is US$5,250.82

The Extensive Most Secret Hayagriva puja is dedicated to all FPMT centers, services, projects; the success of all Dharma activities and removal of obstacles; to all students who are facing obstacles; to the benefactors of the Puja Fund and to all beings.

You are welcome to contribute any amount to these powerful monthly pujas: