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Each year during the month of Saka Dawa, the Work a Day for Rinpoche campaign kicks off a great opportunity to contribute to the work and vision of Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

This year students from more than 43 countries have joined Work a Day for Rinpoche, inspired to help make Rinpoche’s teachings livestreamed online and thereby available all over the world, commission precious new translations such as the Middle Length Lam-rim by Je Tsongkhapa for national publication, and support the long list of FPMT charitable projects. Contributions also fund all of FPMT Education Services, all of FPMT’s online resources and many more activities. It is really an amazing offering. 

Want to help? We invite you to join in todayYou can support by donating a day’s wages, or any amount as a one-time gift, or split into into smaller monthly donations.

We are able to offer sentient beings unbelievable benefit, limitless skies of benefit. Therefore, we must rejoice all the time. We should remember this every day.

—Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Your gift receipt will contain a link to download a special hand drawn artwork by Rinpoche with gratitude for your support.

You’re also invited to recite the Golden Light Sutra for Rinpoche’s long life, or visualize an offering.  

Please consider telling your friends – forward a link to this site to your friends, post it on your Facebook page, and join your fellow “workers” on Facebook by becoming a fan of Work a Day for Rinpoche

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I can’t wait until June 7th,


To donate now with your credit card:


For other forms of donations such as check or bank wire,
please choose one of the options below.

Check Donations

To donate by check in US funds, please make the check payable to FPMT, Inc., and mail your donation to:

Work a Day for Rinpoche
c/o FPMT
1632 SE 11th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214  USA


Bank Wire Donations

For bank wire instructions, please email