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There are many ways to express generosity:

慷慨 generøsitet vrijgevigheid suuremeelsus kagandahang-loob hào phóng 寛大な générosité generosità Großzügigkeit щедрость generosidade kemurahan generositet gavmildhet Generozitatea

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Generosity in Action Worldwide

In order to cultivate generosity as part of a daily practice, as well as foster an international spirit of harmony and cohesion amongst the FPMT community, FPMT International Office is happy to present the International Merit Box Project. The original Merit Box Project began in 2001, and every year thousands of dollars are collected from FPMT students, centers and projects worldwide, and disbursed through grants to eligible FPMT projects and initiatives.

By growing the number of participants all over the world, we hope to also widen the array of projects eligible to benefit from these kind donations. The project is a tangible example of generosity and community in action: FPMT students worldwide practicing together in order to benefit the efforts of the entire organization.


Merit Box practitioners keep a Merit Box handy so they can place offerings in it throughout the year. Just think, one’s spare change can help build a new stupa, retreat cabin or translate a Dharma text! International Merit Box Project donations will be collected beginning on Lama Tsongkhapa Day each year (December 16th in 2014), and continuously until March 31, 2015. 


Merit Box grants are intended for centers, projects, services, study groups and initiatives that further the Mission of FPMT.  Please contact to request a grant application after November 1, 2014. Applications are due March 31, 2015. Lama Zopa Rinpoche is involved in the application review and approval process, which takes place in April. Disbursements are made starting in May of each year.

Click here to order a Merit Box Practice Kit!

You can support the International Merit Box Project now by making a one-time or monthly recurring donation!