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Sera Mey monks performing the monthly Medicine Buddha Puja offered by the Puja Fund.

The Puja Fund recently offered US$2,843.49 for six months of  monthly Medicine Buddha pujas performed by the monks of Sera Mey Monastery, South India.

This monthly puja is offered on the Tibetan 8th day of every month. 2,000 monks attend and are offered tea, bread and a small money offering for their participation.  The cost of light offerings and torma offerings for the puja is also offered. This month, the puja will be performed on November 10th.

Extensive dedication prayers are made for the success of the entire FPMT organization; FPMT centers, projects, services; all students who are ill or having life obstacles; benefactors of The Puja Fund and to all beings.

 Please rejoice in this monthly puja which helps support the monks of Sera Mey Monastery and has immense benefit for the entire FPMT organization.

You can donate any amount to these ongoing efforts.