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The site of the new temple for Ngari Khangtsen.


Khensur Rinpoche Jampa Thegchok.

Ngari Khangtsen, the khangtsen of Khensur Rinpoche Jampa Thegchok in south India, has recently begun their new Temple Project.

In their own words, “We have outgrown the old 1983 prayer/ assembly hall made to house a maximum of 50 persons. In the new quarters, there is room for a brand new spacious prayer hall. Today, we have over 150 monks ranging from the very young to the very old. And we have definitely outgrown the old prayer hall. On hot summer days, the hall just does not accommodate enough oxygen for the number of praying and reciting participants!”

The Lama Zopa Rinpoche Bodhichitta Fund recently offered support to this important project. Lama Zopa Rinpoche was inspired to support this project and help it achieve fruition.

US$100,000 was offered to this project which has an estimated budget of over US$500,000.

Geshe Ngawang Sangye, one of the main teachers of Sera Je Monastery, and ____.

Geshe Ngawang Sangye, one of the main teachers of Sera Je Monastery.

Nagri Khangtsen also has a school in Ladakh and The Lama Zopa Rinpoche Bodchitta Fund is also sponsoring, for the second year, the entire cost of a year’s food offering for the children studying at Ngari Institute of Buddhist Dialectics.

Please rejoice in the building of this new temple for the monks of Ngari Khangtsen.