Experiences and Dedications

“This text is very precious; it brings peace and happiness and is very powerful to stop violence. By hearing this text, one’s karma is purified.” 
– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

In addition to requesting recitations to be reported and tallied, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, also asked that reports of experiences with reciting the sutra be collected as well.

Because practitioners often include the dedications of merits in their reports, and because often experiences and dedications are intertwined, both are included here. We can see that one practitioner’s dedications will serve to inspire others. Dedication of merits is a powerful activity that seals one’s virtuous actions, ensuring that the merits do not disintegrate. The dedications can be used as a model for your own dedications, if you find them inspiring. When you report your recitations, please include your experiences and dedications of merit.

Note: some entries have been lightly edited  for clarity or to protect privacy.

Recent Experiences Reported

Since May 2018

I was very inspired by Lama Zopa to recite this sutra as a way of channeling my intentions of peace around the world, dedicating all that merit for that purpose, as well as the enlightening of all sentient beings and myself.

As I recited the sutra, coincidentally those days began a series of events that triggered profound changes in my life. Changes for the good. Changes for the healing of very close people. So, coincidence or not, I don’t know, but this human being with little faith and little understanding will continue to recite.

-Tsering, July 2018

When I finished translating the Sutra of Golden Light in Italian, by the first version in English (the current one was in Italian translated from Spanish which was translated to … time since Tibetan), I remember that I was seized with joy and enthusiasm and decided, after clean home, I washed and well-dressed to put all the books translated the sutras that I had packed by hand, on a Table home. Near the table there was a fireplace and near the fireplace a grate for ash. A few days earlier I had found a special gold-colored incense, shaped stone, which was absentmindedly left in the brazier. I decided, then, to get out of home having finished the job. When I returned home, I saw a scene of great wonder. Inexplicably to me, the incense had begun to burn (was there for at least a day or two) and the thing surprising is that he created a smoke of incense tree braided umbrella that covered the texts of the Sutra of Golden Light, as written in the sutra. I started to cry with emotion.

After a few minutes this dreamlike scene vanished. I have a deep sense of joy and gratitude to Kiabje Zopa Rinpoche and Geshe Jampa Gyatso who had directed me to make such translation.

-Francesco, July 2018 (translated by Google from original Italian)

I started reciting this sutra on my own, after receiving an email from FPMT explaining some background on it. I wanted to do something in honor of Saka Dawa, and I thought it would take me a few days to complete. In the end it took almost 3 weeks, with me reciting at minimum a page a day. Since it took this amount of time, it’s hard to pinpoint a specific event or result exactly, and I was doing some other things.

Primarily, as I was reading it, I feel it expanded my sense of what Dharma is, and the effect it has on the environment it is practiced and taught in – the physical world we all share. I felt a different kind of reverence and appreciation and awe for all the lamas and monks and nuns who are preserving, practicing and sharing the teachings of the Buddha. It changed the way I do Refuge. Also, I’m doing job-hunting right now, and I feel my whole process of looking for meaningful employment has undergone a 180 degree change.

Now instead of a search fraught with anxiety and disappointment, I am experiencing insights about my past, and where I am in my life, and what I actually need to do to be hired someplace. It’s really given me much more than I ever would have imagined possible, or even knew to hope for. My heartfelt thanks to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and to the translators and donors who made this possible.

-Sheridan, June 2018

I, during the Youtube broadcast, experienced a sense of profound peace without any worry of life.

 That life as I know it will continue for myself and whom are around me without major conflict. 

Thank you.

-Keith, May 2018

My experience with the Sutra is that it is magically auspicious. Thank you Lama Zopa Rinpoche for causing so many beings to hear and cause others to hear this profound and precious Sutra! I love you very much!

I dedicate the merit of my recitations to the long life and continued Dharma activity of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, the crown jewel of this world! May all beings connected to Him reach enlightenment in this very moment! If not this very moment, this very lifetime, and if not this very lifetime, this very eon. I dedicate the merit of my recitations to the long life and continued Dharma activity of Lama Zopa Rinpoche! May all the good projects of all the Arya beings of this world and all the world systems be accomplished immediately, unobstructed and without any hindrances from any sources elemental, related to negativities of sentient beings, or otherwise!

May all the Arya beings in all the myriad worlds have long lives with no obstacles at all! May all the students of the precious Arya beings relate to them completely purely and properly, causing no negativity to arise!

… May all beings attain enlightenment so swiftly that I am now the only being still wandering illusory samsara; may all those beings lead me to enlightenment this very lifetime! May all beings never tire of benefit!

May all Dharma Activity increase beyond measure! May all be auspicious! Sarva Mangalam!

-Isaac, May 2018

Archived Experiences

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