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Visit our What’s New page to find the latest news, stories, interviews, teachings, videos, podcasts, and other FPMT media resources.

Study & Practice Resources

Through comprehensive study programs, practice materials, training programs, and scholarships, FPMT Education nourishes the development of compassion, wisdom, kindness, and true happiness in individuals of all ages. See links to resources below:

FPMT Charitable Projects

FPMT International Office manages more than twenty funds and projects dedicated to building a more compassionate world from the inside out. Funds include: Supporting Our Lamas, Supporting Ordained Sangha, Social Services, Holy Objects, Practice & Retreat, Education & Preservation, and more! Learn how you can get involved and help make a difference.

FPMT Centers, Projects, and Services

All FPMT centers, projects and services welcome students, visitors and inquiries. These centers host resident teachers. Some centers offer Retreat Facilities. Some focus on Community Services. FPMT Monasteries and Nunneries provide opportunities to train as a monk or nun. FPMT publishers make the Dharma available in different languages.

Foundation Store

The Foundation Store is FPMT’s online shop and features a vast selection of digital Buddhist study and practice materials written or recommended by our lineage gurus. These items include homestudy programs, prayers and practices, materials for children, and other resources to support practitioners.

Dharma Dates Calendar

The Tibetan lunar calendar, courtesy of the Liberation Prison Project. Days are marked that are auspicious and inauspicious for various activities, and days that are favorable and unfavorable according to the combination of elements: earth, air, fire and water. These combinations impact on the effectiveness of one’s activities as well as one’s health.