Lama Zopa Rinpoche Practice Series and Teaching Archive

Lama Zopa Rinpoche Practice Series

The Lama Zopa Rinpoche Practice Series (LZRPS) was conceived with the aim of publishing Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s practice text compilations, compositions, and translations. The materials in the series incorporate and exemplify Rinpoche’s personal style of practice and are aimed at ensuring the preservation of Rinpoche’s unique oral instructions and lineage. The LZRPS also highlights the centrality and importance of Rinpoche and his works to the FPMT as whole and thus forms the heart of the FPMT’s collection of practice texts. 

Deity Practices & Prayers
  • Amitabha – Amitabha Festival Book: Extensive Benefits from Now up to Enlightenment (Peerless Happiness), Including Liberation from Saṃsāra (Definite Happiness) | Download
  • Amitabha – Amitabha Pure Land Prayers | PDF
  • Chenrezig – Exalted Lion’s Roar Chenrezig Who Dispels All Diseases | PDF
  • Chenrezig – Everflowing Nectar of Bodhicitta | PDF
  • Chenrezig – Mantra and Request (six-syllable mantra) | PDF
  • Chenrezig – Prayer of Auspiciousness from the Mani Kabum | PDF
  • Chenrezig – Prayer to Chenrezig, Compassionate-Eye-Looking One | PDF
  • Chenrezig – Request to the Supreme Compassionate One PDF | PDF
  • Hayagriva – Most Secret Hayagriva Request and Mantra | English | Chinese | Portuguese
  • Heruka – An Abbreviated Cakrasamvara Tsog | PDF
  • Heruka – The Abbreviated Sadhana of Five-Deity Chakrasamvara | PDF
  • Kshitigarbha – Kshitigarbha Practice | English | Spanish | Vietnamese
  • Kurukulla – An Abbreviated Meditation-Recitation of the Goddess Kurukulla EnglishSpanish
  • Kurukulla – Meditation on Kurukulla | PDF
  • Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga | PDF
  • Maitreya -1000 Offerings to the Victorious One Invincible Savior, Maitreya | PDF
  • Manjushri – The Meditation-Recitation of Black Manjushri | PDF
  • Medicine Buddha – A Brief Meditation-Recitation on Guru Medicine Buddha | PDF
  • Medicine Buddha – Healing Buddha: A Practice for the Prevention and Healing of Disease | PDF
  • Medicine Buddha – A Very Short Medicine Buddha Practice | PDF
  • Medicine Buddha – The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel (Medicine Buddha Puja) | English | Sinhalese
  • The Method to Transform a Suffering Life into Happiness (Including Enlightenment) | PDF
  • Padmasambhava – Prayer Eliminating Obstacles and Accomplishing Wishes | PDF
  • Padmasambhava – Seven-Line Invocation to Guru Rinpoche | PDF
  • Sarvanivaranaviskhambhin – The Exalted Zung Called “Eliminating Obscurations” | PDF
  • Shakyamuni – A Daily Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha | PDF
  • Shakyamuni – Holy Name Mantra | PDF
  • Tara – The Practice of White Tara and Chenrezig Lion’s Roar to Eliminate Sickness and Life Obstacles | PDF
  • Tara – White Tara Meditation for Long Life: Meditation and Mantra | PDF
  • Tara – White Tara Practice: The Gathered Essence of Immortality | PDF
  • Taras 21 – Abbreviated Praise to the Twenty-One Taras | PDF
  • Taras 21 – Names and Mantra of the Twenty-One Taras | PDF
  • Taras 21 – Praises to the Twenty-One Taras | PDF
  • Vajra Armor Protection Wheel – Short Practice and Meditation | PDF
  • Vajrasattva – A Short Vajrasattva Meditation: Purification with the Four Opponent Powers | PDF
  • Vajrasattva – Mantras and its Meaning | PDF
  • Vajrayogini – Vajrayogini Short Sadhana | PDF

Other Prayers & Practices
  • 35 Buddhas – Confession of a Bodhisattva’s Downfalls | PDF
  • 35 Buddhas – Prostration Instructions, Mantras, and Meditation | PDF
  • 35 Buddhas – The Flowing Water of the Ganga | PDF
  • Advice to Correctly Follow the Virtuous Friend with Thought and Action: The Nine Attitudes of Guru Devotion | PDF
  • Blessing the Animals in the Ocean PDF | PDF
  • A Direct Meditation on All the Important Points of the Lamrim | PDF
  • Calling the Guru from Afar | PDF
  • Complete Dedication Prayer Book | PDF
  • Cultivating Mindfulness of Bodhicitta in Daily Activities | PDF
  • Dedication Prayers | PDF
  • Eight Mahayana Precepts – Ritual for Taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts | PDF
  • Eight Verses of Thought Transformation | PDF
  • Extensive Offering Practice | PDF
  • Flower Offering Practice | PDF
  • The Foundation of All Good Qualities | PDF
  • FPMT Essential Prayer Book | PDF
  • The Exalted Zung Called “Thoroughly Pacifying Hatred” | PDF
  • The Heart’s Utmost Need | PDF
  • How to Make My Lives Wish-Fulfilling: The Method to Transform a Suffering Life into Happiness | PDF
  • A Hymn of Experience | PDF 
  • Lama Chopa and Tsog Offering | PDF
  • Lamrim Prayers | PDF
  • Liberating Animals from the Danger of Death | PDF
  • Long Life Prayers – Brief Long Life Prayer of H. H. Dalai Lama | PDF
  • Long Life Prayer – Khen Rinpoche Geshe Thubten Chonyi | PDF
  • Long Life Prayers – His Holiness the Dalai lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Osel Rinpoche | PDF
  • Making Offerings to the Actual Buddha and to a Buddha Image Are the Same | PDF 
  • Milarepa’s Hymn | PDF
  • Offerings to the Boudha Stupa | PDF
  • Prayers for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibet | PDF
  • Prayers for Teaching Occasions | PDF
  • Protector Prayers | PDF
  • Remembering the Kindness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan People | PDF
  • A Ritual to Perform When Undertaking Activities on Inauspicious Days | PDF
  • A Song to Recall the Kindness of Father and Mother Sentient Beings Combined with the Mani Mantra | PDF
  • Song Possessing the Four Mindfulnesses | PDF
  • Sur Ritual | PDF 
  • A Tea Offering Prayer: The Incomparable Guide | PDF
  • Ten Innermost Jewels of the Kadampas | PDF
  • Thangtong Gyalpo – Words of Truth Pacifying the Danger of Weapons | PDF
  • The Three Principal Aspects of the Path | PDF
  • Tsog – An Extremely Abbreviated Tsog Offering | PDF
  • Verse to Put at the Base of Paintings and Statues of Milarepa | Order
Mantras & Holy Names
  • Akashagarbha Mantra for Success | PDF
  • Amoghapasha – Lotus Pinnacle of Amoghapasha Mantra: Ten Condensed Benefits | PDF
  • The Arya Wisdom Mantra of Six Syllables | PDF
  • Benefits of Two Name Mantras | PDF
  • Celestial Mansion Extremely Secret Sublime Success Mantra | PDF
  • Clouds of Offerings Mantra – Eight Benefits | PDF
  • Four Dharmakaya Relic Heart Mantras | PDF
  • The Four Dharmakaya Relic Heart Mantras and Their Benefits | PDF
  • Five Powerful Mantras | PDF
  • Great Wisdom Mantra – Lankavatara | PDF
  • Holy Name and Mantra for Offering Flowers | PDF
  • King of Naga Lords | PDF
  • Lama Zopa Rinpoche Name Mantra | PDF
  • Mantra from The Sutra of Great Liberation | PDF
  • Mantra of Great Wisdom Vimaloshnisha – Mantra and Commentary | PDF
  • Mantra that Fulfills Wishes (Tathagata Earth-Holder King: Homage and Mantra) | PDF
  • Mantra to Avert the Pollution from Consuming Offerings | PDF
  • Mantras to Recite for the Dying | PDF
  • Miscellaneous Mantras | PDF
  • Name Mantra that Multiplies Virtue by A Hundred Thousand | PDF
  • Name Recitations that Reap the Same Benefit as Reading the Kangyur | PDF
  • Prayer and Mantra of Marici for Important Work | PDF
  • Recognizing the Clear Light of Sleep Mantra and Commentary | PDF
  • Rinchen Tsugtor Chen – The Holy Name of Buddha Rinchen Tsugtor Chen | PDF
  • Sarvanivaranaviskhambhin – The Exalted Zung Called “Eliminating Obscurations” | PDF
  • Tara – Mantra Promised by Arya Tara Herself | PDF
  • Ten Powerful Mantras for the Time of Death | PDF
  • Vajrasattva – Mantras and its Meaning | PDF
  • Zung of the Completely Pure Stainless Light – Mantra and Commentary | PDF
Sutras & Dharanis


  • Completely Dispelling the Darkness of the Ten Directions (Chogchu munsel) – An Extremely Abbreviated Version of The Exalted Sutra | PDF
  • Pacifier of Black Court Cases Sutra | PDF


Commentary & Advice
  • Advice for the Anniversary of the Guru’s Passing Away | PDF | German Italian 
  • The Direct and Unmistaken Method: Commentaries on the Practice and Benefits of the Eight Mahayana Precepts | PDF
  • Guru Devotion: A Brief Introduction for New Students | PDF
  • Heart Sutra Practices and Instructions for Retreat | PDF | Italian
  • How to Do the Great Festival of His Holiness’ Birthday in the Best Possible Way | PDF
  • How to Make Your Life Most Beneficial for Sentient Beings, Even with Your Speech | PDF
  • The Method with Additional Practices: A Commentary | PDF
  • Morning Prayers and Motivation | PDF
  • Recognizing the False I | PDF
  • Six-Session Guru Yoga Commentary | PDF
  • The Wish-fulfilling Golden Sun of the Mahayana Thought Training | PDF

Death and Dying

  • Helping Yourself and Others Die Happily: Instructions and Practices for the Time of Death | PDF
  • Liberation Tools to Help the Dying and Deceased | PDF
  • Practicing the Five Powers Near the Time of Death | PDF

Lama Zopa Rinpoche Teaching Archive

The Lama Zopa Rinpoche Teaching Archive (LZRTA) is an FPMT repository of the teachings and advice of Lama Zopa Rinpoche. The archive aims to preserve Rinpoche’s recent teachings and essential practice advice by making them available to all. Presented in his distinctive style, the material in the LZRTA forms an essential set of texts for anyone interested in Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s teachings and his timeless message of wisdom and compassion. Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s past teachings are made available by Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive.

Life Practice Advice

“Life Practice Advice” consists of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s advice to students who consulted him on what to do as daily practices and as preliminary practices. Rinpoche referred to this advice as “Life Practices.” These practices comprise Essential Daily Practices that include lamrim meditation, and Life Preliminary Practices that consist of the nine standard Gelug preliminary practices and eight additional practices. Find Rinpoche’s advice and practice materials on the web page Lama Zopa Rinpoche: Life Practice Advice.

Essential Practice Advice
  • Circumambulating Holy Objects at Home | PDF
  • Create Skies of Merit by Making Offerings and Circumambulating a Stupa | PDF
  • How This Human Life Becomes the Method for Achieving Complete Buddhahood through Study and Service | PDF
  • Patience Is of Utmost Importance | PDF
  • Why the Guru Shows the Aspect of Making Mistakes | PDF
  • Wish-Fulfillment for All Animals: Their Happiness and Liberation—Powerful Buddha Names and Mantras and the Benefits of Reciting Them | PDF


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