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Amitabha Buddhist Centre Creates Crown for Thousand-Arm Chenrezig Statue

Amitabha Buddhist Centre (ABC) in Singapore is creating a gold crown for the 3.3-meter (10.8-feet) high Thousand-Arm Chenrezig statue that occupies ABC’s main altar. The crown is the newest addition to a project that has been ongoing for more than ...

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New Video: Lama Zopa Rinpoche on Lama Tsongkhapa Day at Kopan Monastery

Every year the Sangha at Kopan Monastery celebrate Lama Tsongkhapa Day with incredible light offerings, including hundreds of thousands of strung lights encircling the buildings at the monastery and nunnery, and a special evening offering of candles. The holy day ...

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Transforming Sickness and Injury into Pure Dharma

Lama Zopa Rinpoche offered advice to a student who was injured by a fall and who had not healed and was worried. Here’s what Rinpoche told the student: Think that, “I am the most fortunate one, that I have this ...

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