FPMT Prayer Book Updates

FPMT Essential Prayer Book

This latest version now includes the special practice compiled by Lama Zopa Rinpoche titled The Method to Transform a Suffering Life into Happiness (including Enlightenment). Rinpoche has emphasized on many occasions that this is a practice that he would like all of his students to do on a daily basis – PDF (2021)

FPMT Prayers for Teaching Occasions

Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave extensive advice for changes to the teaching prayers done in FPMT. This document contains the entire updated Prayers for Teaching Occasions booklet according to Rinpoche’s instructions. Rinpoche requests that all FPMT centers use this booklet for teachings – PDF (2021)

FPMT Retreat Prayer Book

English Update – 2020 revised edition is now available from the Foundation Store. This edition incorporates all 2016–2020 errata. If you already have the 2016 edition, these errata sheets (A5, spread) can be used to update your text. (November 2020)

French Update Livre de prières de retraite – Ebook

          Italian Update – FPMT Libro delle Preghiere per i Ritiri PDF

Spanish Updates

Essential Buddhist Prayers, Vol. 2

Essential Buddhist Prayers, Vol. 1

Essential Buddhist Prayers, Vol. 1 in English has been discontinued in 2021. Please refer to the FPMT Essential Prayer Book.

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