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Building Guru Rinpoche statues will bring immeasurable benefit, peace, happiness, and freedom to the world. They will have immeasurable impact.

– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Building Large Statues of Padmasambhava Around the World

The Padmasambhava Project for Peace is dedicated to fulfilling Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s goal of building many large statues of Padmasambhava around the world in order to create the cause for peace for all beings. To date, 27 statues have been built.

Padmasambhava has said that when he no longer abides in Tibet, that his statues will become like lights that dispel the darkness of ignorance. Therefore, if one builds a new statue of Padmasambhava, one will be endowed with the benefit of accomplishing the three bodies and will establish the victory banner of the teachings…and all of the things that one wishes and prays for will be accomplished.

The statues sponsored by this project are built with utmost precision and care. They not only bless the environment with Padmasambhava’s powerful image, but they also contribute to the local economy where they are built and preserve ancient artisan techniques.

In addition to statues, the Padmasambhava Peace Project sponsors 100,000 tsog offerings to Guru Rinpoche each year at Khachoe Ghakyil Nunnery, Nepal, where an incredible 75 feet high x 87 feet wide thangka of Padmasambhava, which resides at the nunnery, is raised for the occasion and thousands of Sangha participate in the puja.

My wish is for FPMT to build many holy objects everywhere, as many as possible. Making it so easy for sentient beings to purify their heavy negative karma and making it so easy for sentient beings to create extensive merit. Which makes it so easy to achieve the realizations of the path and so easy to achieve liberation and enlightenment.

—Lama Zopa Rinpoche, CPMT 2002, Taos

Statues Completed So Far

The 27 statues listed below have been completed with support from the Padmasambhava Project for Peace Fund:

Padmasambhava statue and stupa with reflections on a very still pond at De-Tong Ling retreat center in Australia. Photo by George Manos.

  • Large statue at a Sakya Monastery in Asia
  • Large statue at the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion near Bendigo, Australia
  • Lifesized statue at Milarepa Center in Vermont, USA
  • (11 total) 13.5-ft and nine large statues in Lawudo, Nepal
  • (9 total) 70-ft statue with two consorts, each 25 ft; includes also Eight Aspects of Padmasambhava over 6 feet (2 meters) high in Asia
  • 7-ft statue at Chandrakirti Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre, New Zealand
  • 9-ft statue at De-Tong Ling Retreat Centre on Kangaroo Island, Australia
  • 3 ft statue in Nepal which will go inside a large stupa in India
  • 6.5-ft statue in Spain at Osel Ling, Spain.

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Statue Project in Pokhara

The Project Guru Rinpoche, is currently being undertaken in the beautiful locations of Pokhara

The comprehensive cost of this remarkable project encompasses both land procurement expenses and the construction of a grand monument. The price of acquiring the land amounts to US$2,000,000 while the construction work itself totals US$993,217.84. Situated alongside the esteemed Annapurna Cable Car, the Guru Rinpoche statue, to be erected in Pokhara, will seamlessly blend with the surrounding natural landscape, creating a serene and captivating environment.

Covering a total site area of 3226.38 sq.m (34,728.46 sq.ft), the project includes various features such as a meditation hall capable of accommodating 100 individuals, additional rooms and a prayer hall, a mantra wall, vast green areas, and a magnificent 15-meter-tall statue that gracefully rises 1556.47 meters above sea level. The estimated cost for the statue itself is approximately US$298,625.54.

Following the successful acquisition of the land, endeavor to secure water for the Pokhara Project commenced on July 24th, following soil testing performed on July 7th. As of August 10th, a reliable water source has been successfully secured for the Pokhara Project.

Statue Project in Maratika

The upcoming Guru Rinpoche statue, to be constructed in Maratika, will find its home in the scenic region of Halesi-Maratika, Khotang District, Nepal.. The statue will be 45-foot tall Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) statue with a 15-foot tall throne, with a gompa within the throne, is being planned to be built in Maratika, the holy place where Padmasambhava achieved immortality through his practice of Amitayus. This incredible statue will have gold face, hands, and body. The aspect of this statue is the first manifestation of the Twelve Manifestations of Padmasambhava, Gyalwey Dungdzin (Padma Gyalpo), and is Guru Rinpoche’s magnetizing form.

In 2021 Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Khandro Kunga Bhuma offered pujas and consecrated the land where the future statue will be built.

The essential process of land procurement has been successfully completed. Simultaneously, diligent efforts are underway to acquire the necessary architectural drawings and obtain accurate estimations for the project’s execution. We will continue to provide updates on these significant developments as they unfold.


Who is Padmasambhava

Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) is perhaps the most universally cherished realized being in all of Tibetan Buddhism. Padmasambhava came to Tibet from India in the 8th century and helped establish a pure lineage which is still practiced today by all four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism around the world.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche lauds Padmasambhava’s contribution to humanity: “Due to Padmasambhava’s great compassion, Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism flourished in Tibet and now has spread throughout the entire world. Because of that, so many people have experienced the path to enlightenment and achieved enlightenment. Due to his great compassion, the lives of infinite number of sentient beings have become meaningful.”

Lama Zopa Rinpoche teaching at Osel Ling Retreat Center, Spain, May 2019. Photo by Ven. Roger Kunsang.

There is a long tradition of building Padmasambhava statues in Tibet, Padmasambhava himself has said:

Listen, beautiful one in the form of a goddess: 
The sentient beings of the future who will not have met me 
But who build a statue, a lamp which dispels the darkness of ignorance 
In the form of an object of offering—a representation of Padmasambhava—
Will attain the goal of the three kayas and establish the victory banner of the teachings.
Whoever aspires to and has devotion in this,
Will gather all they wish for,
Like a heap of jewels that has no increase or decline, and is a source of permanent bliss.
Whoever continually recites the essence mantra
Will bring forth all the excellences that people pray for.
E ma! How amazing.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche has compiled the many benefits of building and making offerings to Padmasambhava statues such as The Benefits of Building Padmasambhava Statues and Benefits of Guru Padmasambhava Statues

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