Prayers and Practice Materials

FPMT Education Services has made available a variety of essential Buddhist prayer books, Buddhist practices, and Tibetan texts available by donation in a digital format. Below, please find a selection of useful links to help you find what you need to fulfill your commitments and enrich your meditation practice. You can view our full catalogue, search for specific materials in the Foundation Store, or explore popular topics below.

Explore Popular Topics

Death & Dying

Prepare for death with tools to help those around us engage with their own deaths in the most beneficial way.

Lamrim Resources

Find texts and resources about the graduated path to enlightenment.

Thought Transformation (Lojong)

Access PDFs, ebooks, audio, images, and education programs about turning adversity into spiritual fuel.

Purification Practices

Access PDFs, ebooks, audio, and images for purifying negative karma and obscurations.


Download our collection of translations of sutras and dharanis

Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Practice Series

Publications preserving Rinpoche’s unique oral instructions and lineage of practice

MP3 album cover is turquoise blue with black font.Audio Materials

Downloadable recordings of prayers, practices, and supporting materials


Mantras to  benefit those who see,
touch, hear, or recite them

Benefiting Animals

Advice and practices for benefiting and blessing animals

Chenrezig Resources

Special collection of practices and advice related to the Compassion Buddha

FPMT Prayer Book Updates

Find all of the latest revisions to FPMT prayer books.

Dharma Practice Dates

Find dates auspicious for practice according to the Tibetan calendar.


If you are looking for more structured study, consider one of FPMT’s study programs.

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