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Observations by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and other lamas and oracles have indicated that the success of the FPMT in general and specifically the success of FPMT businesses will be greatly improved and obstacles to their success eliminated by performing the 100,000 Praises to the 21 Taras from time to time.

These 100,000 Praises to Tara for the success of FPMT businesses were first done on Saka Dawa (the day of Lord Buddha’s Enlightenment) in 1990. Initially they were performed annually at Sera Monastery, but since 2002 the Praises have been done at Ganden and Drepung Monasteries as well. The Praises to the 21 Taras will be performed by over 10,000 lamas, geshes and monks at the three great monasteries. Apart from pujas, Rinpoche has also suggested to sponsor some other meritorious and charitable activities on auspicious days.

On special Buddhist Holy days such as Lord Buddha’s Enlightenment Day (Saka Dawa), all merits are said to multiply 100 million times. Along with other auspicious dedications, all the merits of these virtuous activities will be dedicated to the complete success in your business without any obstacles as well as the long life and health of all the past and current sponsors of the Tara Puja Fund and their families and that all their wishes may be fulfilled according to dharma.

Each year, the aim is to raise sufficient funds to cover the cost of the pujas and charitable activities for the year, as well as some extra, which will be added to the Tara Puja Fund. The activities of the fund on special Buddhist holy days will be expanded as the capacity of the fund increases.

The Donor Report for 2019 contains details of the meritorious activities of the Tara Puja Fund in 2019.

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