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The FPMT Translation Fund supports the critical work of translating classic texts and sutras from Tibetan into English and other languages. These translations support the FPMT Masters Program and the FPMT Basic Program as well as providing essential practice materials that have been advised by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

We are currently seeking support for these translation projects:

Sutra of Golden Light - 21-Chapter, 29-Chapter, and 31-Chapter

The Tibetan canon contains three different editions of the Sutra of Golden Light—a 21-chapter edition, a 29-chapter edition, and a 31-chapter edition. The sutra contains a variety of teachings and its recitation is a cause for global harmony and peace, as well as a source of vast merit. Lama Zopa Rinpoche has made a personal vow to preserve and propagate this sutra and it is his vision to translate all three versions of the sutra from Tibetan, making them available in as many languages as possible.

At Rinpoche’s behest, the 21-chapter edition of the Sutra of Golden Light was translated into English in 2005 by Losang Dawa and subsequently translated into many other languages. Work is currently underway to translate the 29-chapter (translator: Rhonwen Sayer) and 31-chapter edition (Berthe Jansen) as well as to review the translation of the 21-chapter edition.

Brilliant Rays of the Sun Blooming the Lotus of Faith,
A Guide to the Most Sacred Five-Peaked Mountain of China

The Five-Peaked mountain, also known as, “Manjushri Mountain” or “Wutaishan” is one of the most significant places of pilgrimage in China and this guide is the most renowned and historically important text on the area. While having long been the foremost pilgrimage guide for Chinese travelers, this text composed by Vajradhara Changkya Rolpai Dorje has never before been translated into English; FPMT Education Services thanks Tenzin Gesar and Wen-shing Chou for their perseverance to get it done. Under the recommendation of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, FPMT Education Services is pleased to contribute to making this text available.

We offer you here an excerpt from this most inspiring text:

Long before the time of Emperor Mingdi of the Han Dynasty, those who lived at the base of the Five-Peaked Mountain talked about how, when seen from a distance, amazing light rays appeared on the five mountains; how at night, miraculous lamps could be seen floating again and again in the sky, leading everyone to discuss how it was a divine place. From a distance, they would also see a divine youth with five knotted locks of hair on his head and wearing three garments. Sometimes he would be seen walking alone and at other times, he would be seen playing with other young people. When approached, the visions would disappear. Such incidents happened many times.

Specifically, a minister named Wuxu once came to this place chasing a deer. At that time, he saw within a cloud as clear as water a youth wearing loose garments. The youth was peaceful, handsome, and golden in color. Wuxu did a divination that revealed it would be good if green vegetables were offered to the youth. He immediately stopped his pursuit of the deer and returned. Later, the teachings of the Buddha flourished there. Since then, they have known that the youth with the five knotted locks of hair was an emanation of the Venerable Manjushri.

Help sponsor this translation: US$6,000.

Ornament of the Essence

A Basic Program text that has already been translated and is currently awaiting its next stage of the editorial process:

Ornament of the Essence

This is a commentary to the Ornament for Clear Realization (Abhisamayalamkara) by Gyaltsab Darma Rinchen, including Maitreya’s Ornament for Clear Realization and Haribhadra’s Commentary: Clear Meaning. The draft translation is currently being prepared for publication.
Translator: Toh Sze Gee
Help sponsor this project: US$6,000.


“The gift of Dharma surpasses all gifts” – Dhammapada (Verse 354)

We welcome you to sponsor the translation of these precious texts. If you would like to sponsor the translation of a text in its entirety, please contact François Lecointre directly. If you would like to make a contribution toward our translation projects, join us:

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