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Medicine, Meditation and Karma

By Ven. Chönyi Taylor There’s the story of the fisherman hanging on to his capsized boat and asking God for help. He turns away a surfer on his board, a jet ski, another boat and even a helicopter saying, “No, ... Read more »
The Slaughter of Thousands of Animals

The Slaughter of Thousands of Animals

Kopan Monastery, Nepal — September 6, 2011 From Ven. Roger: A goat is standing by a shop, tied on a very short leash. It is waiting to be killed by the butcher. I am not sure if it is aware ... Read more »

September 4 2011

Dear Friends, Rinpoche continues to progress steadily here in Nepal. Rinpoche’s doctors have advised to now increase the medication for blood pressure which was started today. The blood pressure has been much better than prior to the stoke but now ... Read more »

August 31 2011

Some recent short video clips showing Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s progress 4 months since the stroke. The videos show Rinpoche walking and using his right hand to eat and write. Video Links: Eating with right hand Using right hand to write ... Read more »

Kyabje Yongdzin Ling Dorjechang

Kyabje Yongdzin Ling Dorjechang died in December 1983, making him the second of three great lamas (the others being Kyabje Tsenshab Serkong Rinpoche and Kyabje Song Rinpoche) to pass away within 1983-1984. With the additional passing of Lama Yeshe in ... Read more »

Nalanda Monastery

Nalanda Monastery had only existed for three years when this brief news update was published in 1984. From Wisdom #2 – 1984.

Now Here Is a Real Yogi

Brian Beresford shares this anecdote from his time spent with Lama Yeshe, illustrating Lama’s humility and depth of knowledge, despite his lack of formal titles and positions. From Wisdom # 2 – 1984.

Who Simply Breathed Goodness

Father P. Bernard de Give, a Catholic monk, shared some his memories of Lama Yeshe after his death in 1984. Father P. Bernard de Give paints a picture of Lama has radiant and joyful, and also admirably ecumenical. From Wisdom ... Read more »

The Difference a Single Person Can Make

Jeffrey Hopkins, although not a student of Lama Yeshe, made some powerful comments at the time of Lama Yeshe’s death in 1984. To see how Lama Yeshe affected people outside of his immediate circle is both inspiring and indicative of ... Read more »

A Snake Called Thubten Thapkye

Kopan Monastery, Nepal — August 14, 2011 From Ven. Roger: It was dark, maybe 9 p.m., and there was something wriggling on the path going around Bouddha Stupa. It was a baby jet black snake! We got it onto an ... Read more »

August 13 2011

Dear Friends, Now it is nearly 4 months since Rinpoche had a stroke, we are doing our best in changing circumstances to keep the discipline of physio and physical exercises going as well as medication for the control of the ... Read more »
August 8 2011

August 8 2011

Lama Zopa Rinpoche turning a prayer wheel with great effort using his right hand. Rinpoche does 3 koras at Boudhanath stupa walking (with help), and then does 7 koras in the wheelchair, each time stopping to turn the prayer wheel, ... Read more »
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