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November 20 2011

Dear Friends, Rinpoche has been in France and now India focusing on his health. With the help of Khandro la Rinpoche continues to improve. Everyone has been very understanding in giving Rinpoche the space for the necessary therapy. Rinpoche is ... Read more »

Yangsi Rinpoche’s blog: Enlighten Me! “Letting Go”

Please enjoy Yangsi Rinpoche’s latest blog entry, “Letting Go,” from his wonderful new blog, Enlighten Me!

Maitripa College: Enlighten Me! Video 2

Please enjoy the second of five videos from Maitripa College’s Enlighten Me! project. This one is entitled, “Our Lineage.”

December 2011 Mandala eZine

In the latest issue of the Mandala eZine, we visit again Mandala’s incredible archive of stories, bringing you another “Best of Mandala.” Highlights include a rare piece from the 1983 issue of Wisdom Magazine, Mandala’s predecessor, which tells the story ... Read more »

The Attendant Who Pledged Her Life

The March-May 2003 issue of Mandala centered around the topic of women and Buddhism, quite likely the first time the topic had been extensively and consciously focused on in Mandala‘s history. As part of this exciting issue, several women from ... Read more »

The Leadership Crisis

Wonderful, timely blog post from Maitripa College’s Yangsi Rinpoche entitled, “The Leadership Crisis.”

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Yangsi Rinpoche’s New Blog!

Maitripa College’s Yangsi Rinpoche has launched a new blog called Enlighten Me! His first entry, entitled, “How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World” is now available.

Halloween Tsog Adventure

Moya Mendez tells of a spooky (and hilarious) Halloween Tsog adventure in Mexico. From Mandala January 2011.

A Day in the Life of an FPMT Lama: Geshe Gelek Chodak

A wonderful interview with Kadampa Center’s Geshe Gelek. From Mandala January-February 2000.

Death of a Son

An incredibly touching account of a Buddhist dad who lost his 14 year old son to a brain tumor. From Mandala, January-February 2000.

Discovering Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup’s Relics

On September 18, 2011, the cremation site for the recently passed Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup was dismantled and carefully examined for the presence of relics and indications of the location of Lama Lhundrup’s future reincarnation. From Mandala October-December 2011. The ... Read more »
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