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The Melodious Sound of Kalapinga: A Lamentation Requesting the Quick Arrival of the Incarnation of Khensur Geshe Lhundrub Rigsel

Lama Zopa Rinpoche wrote The Melodious Sound of Kalapinga: A Lamentation Requesting the Quick Arrival of the Incarnation of Khensur Geshe Lhundrub Rigsel as an auspicious action to create the causes and conditions necessary to quickly meet Khensur Rinpoche Lama ...

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Giving Negativity a Body Blow

After former Mandala editor Nancy Patton came across the practice of Vajrasattva in a very peculiar way, she decided to investigate what Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Lama Yeshe said about purification and the benefits of beginning to tackle our own ...

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An Idea to begin to Repay the Kindness

Sometimes remembering our good motivation during a busy day can be difficult. We may start our day with a mind dedicated to the benefit of others, but by lunch times we’re anxious about work and deadlines. Pam Cayton shares a ...

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Flexible Retreats: How to Retreat from our own Delusions

A wonderful personal account from Lorne Ladner on the benefits of “flexible retreats” and how to incorporate this practice into a busy Western life. From Mandala, April-May, 2008.

Geshe Kelsang Wangdu

In 1996, Geshe Kelsang Wangdu told Mandala about his daily routine at Sera Je Monastery two decades earlier. Just by describing his time there, he transmits some important teachings about offering service, guru devotion, and why we shouldn’t criticize Western ...

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The Fourteen Dalai Lamas: A Sacred Legacy of Reincarnation

In The Fourteen Dalai Lamas, author Glenn H. Mullin vividly brings to life the myth and succession of all 14 Dalai Lamas in one volume for the first time. The book contains a chapter on each Dalai Lama (except Dalai ...

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Love and Freedom

A simply written poem, “Love and Freedom” illustrates some of the struggles of Tibet’s younger generation in exile. From Mandala September 2002.

Mandala eZine Rich Archive!

The Mandala eZine is a rich source of teachings, audio, video, and community discussions/photos. The eZine archive now has 12 outstanding issues which you can access freely, please explore!

October 5 2011

Dear Friends, Rinpoche’s treatment continues here in France. The flight from Nepal was smooth, it took some days of rest after the flight to recover. The treatment is going well, especially with Khandro la’s assistance. We are hoping with 4 ...

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Leaving Mirages for Firm Ground

A discussion of the relationship between psychotherapy and Buddhism called “Leaving Mirages for Firm Ground,” by Renate Ogilvie, from Mandala, May 1996.

Don’t Throw Dharma at me When I’m in a Bad Mood

Ven. Chonyi Taylor has been telling it like it is through her Mixed Motives and Dharma Realities columns in Mandala for the past three years. This installment, “Don’t Throw Dharma at Me When I’m in a Bad Mood,” from Jan-March ...

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The Attendant Who Pledged Her Life

Published in March, 2003, “The Attendant Who Pledged Her Life,” includes reflections from Jacie Keeley about the precious teachings she received through serving as Lama Yeshe’s attendant.